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All Engine Flush 

Forsch® engine flush is suitable for all petrol and diesel engines, gearboxes and differentials.

It helps dissolves dirt and resin that build-up in the oil and lubrication circuit. Harmful engine acids are neutralized and oil and fuel consumption are reduced.
® engine flush protects the entire engine system and increases the service life of the units.

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Diesel System Cleaner

Forsch® diesel system cleaner is suitable for all diesel engines. It is particularly recommended for direct injection and common rail systems. An optimal lubrication of all moving parts of the diesel system is guaranteed.

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Cetane Booster

Forsch® Cetane Booster increases the cetane number of diesel fuel by up to 5 points. The product is particularly recommended for fuels of inferior quality. It causes an even and powerful combustion, reduces soot formation, nail smells, run-on and overheating. The cetane number improver ensures optimal combustion and facilitates the cold start process.

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Petrol System Cleaner

Forsch® Fuel system cleaner can be used on all petrol engines. It dissolves dirt and resin build-up in the entire fuel system and reliably removes all coking residues and soot deposits. This increases the service life of the engine.

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Octane Booster

Forsch® Octane booster improves starting behavior and full-load drive, releases and disperses deposits and residues in the fuel system. Ensures even and quieter idling. Eliminates and prevents deposits on valves and combustion chambers, thus preventing mechanical damage. Increases the octane number of the fuel by up to 4 - 9 points, depending on the fuel quality. Particularly recommended for fuels of poor quality.

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