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5 ways for an environmentally-friendly driving !!

We are living a critical period in human history, the opulence and comfort we live in thanks the fast-paced technological development that we have been pursuing since the industrial revolution comes with a price to pay……

Global warming, pollution and reduction of the planet's biodiversity are challenges that we need to face.

Companies all over the world are trying to find new alternatives to the conventional products and services we are currently using that could significantly help reducing our impact on the environment. In the meanwhile, we should all at an individual level try to adopt the best behaviors that would lessen our carbon footprint.

Therefore we are sharing with you today 5 ways to be a more environmentally friendly driver

1. Prioritize car alternatives

We are here stating the obvious but giving up driving when other alternatives present themselves is the most effective solution. Whenever possible, you should opt for more sustainable alternatives to driving a car, especially if you live in big cities where public transportation is available and using bicycles is possible and safe.

You can also simply walk, not only is it more sustainable, but it's also better for your health than driving.

2. Carpooling

Have you ever thought about Carpooling? if not, then you should. Whether for your everyday ride to work or a little getaway on the weekend, this option has many benefits: first you will be saving a lot of money not using your own car every day, but you will also help reduce the costs we all pay for road maintenance and the construction of new roads, as fewer cars on the road implies less damage. Finally and most importantly, having fewer cars on the road also means reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and improved air quality.

3. Car-Sharing

Carsharing is a concept that allows people to rent cars for a very short period, all you need is often a membership car and then you can hop-in in any car available in your neighborhood through the provider’s app. The most used Car-sharing services in Germany are Share Now and Flinkster.

4. Change your driving style

The way you drive directly affects your car’s fuel consumption and the wear and tear on several parts- as such your brake pads- and consequently your environmental impact. Therefore, you should try your best to avoid sudden halt by observing the road ahead and anticipating when you might have to slow down. Furthermore, avoid high speed and pay attention that you shift to the next gear early: around 2500 rpm for petrol engines or 2000 rpm for diesel.

5. These you must use!!

Your choice in terms of fluids and lubricants is primordial. Using a low viscosity oil for example reduces frictional resistance in the engine and achieves fuel cost savings.

When it comes to coolant/ Antifreeze it is better to opt for a G13 formula for instance, as it is more environmentally friendly. Diesel car owners should never neglect using AdBlue that sole purpose is to help reduce NOx emission.

Another important point is to favor low friction tires that are designed to reduce the energy loss as tires roll, decreasing the required rolling effort. According to the German Federal Environment Agency, this makes the car run much more smoothly. quieter and consumes up to 6% less fuel.

You may not be able to implement all these changes, but what is certain is that every little effort from everyone can make a difference, so don't minimize the impact you can have.

Our planet gives us so much and it’s our turn to give back!!

Your Forsch Team


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