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All you can boost !!

Today we are talking about additives !!

They play an important role in your vehicle by significantly improving the performance of your car when used timely. With additives, the fuel efficiently delivers the power, using additives is important to both diesel and petrol engines. There is not a lengthy and complicated procedure for adding them, you simply have to pour them into the tank, and you are good to go.

By adding an additive to your vehicle, you can enjoy numerous benefits. it enhances the fuel economy so that you can achieve higher MPG, prolongs the life of the engine by removing carbon deposits, cleanses the carburetors, improves the vehicle’s performance which is reflected after adding it, and reduces engine noise.

Additives are available in a wide range. It is important to choose the additive that perfectly suits your vehicle and has the best effect on it.

Forsch provides you with the top-notch additives for your vehicle. Here are the five bestselling additives you should opt for. Let’s dive in !!

All Engine Flush

It is suitable for vehicles with diesel and petrol engines, gearboxes, and differentials.

It efficiently dissolves the resin and dirt that build up inside the engine hence increasing the life of your engine. Furthermore, if your vehicle is old and you have already used it for more than 250,000 miles, you will enjoy significant improvement with it. The harmful substances produced in the engine after combustion of the fuel are diluted by All engine flush which not only prolongs the life of your engine but also improves the fuel economy by reducing the fuel consumption. This allows you to drive extra miles without spending more.

Diesel System Cleaner

The Diesel System Cleaner is suitable for vehicles with diesel engines only. If your vehicle uses the direct injection of fuel and has a common rail system, this is the best and most compatible additive you can add to your vehicle. It lubricates every part of the engine thus the power supplied by the engine is increased and drag force is sufficiently reduced. Once the varnish deposits are eliminated from the engine, the quality rides with a quitter engine are guaranteed. It benefits your vehicle a lot. It can be considered as a volley of benefits in a small package.

Cetane Booster

Cetane booster enhances the performance of your vehicle by increasing the cetane number. Cetane rating is the measurement of how efficiently the fuel is working in the engine. Usually, the cetane rating of the vehicle is around 40 but with cetane booster, it is raised to 5 points. This is recommended if the fuel you are having in your vehicle is of inferior quality. Once you add a Cetane booster to your engine, you will notice a marked difference in the quality of performance. It helps your engine to utilize fuel evenly and promotes powerful combustion. In addition to this, Cetan boosted reduces the soot formation, run-on, and nail smell. As overheating is harmful to the vehicle and can put you in real trouble, Cetane booster facilitates your vehicle to start easily by cooling down the engine constantly.

Fuel System Cleaner

Fuel System Cleaner is outfitted primarily for gasoline engines. As the name suggests, it entirely cleanses the fuel system by dissolving all the resins that build up by the process of combustion in the engine and removing the dirt from the fuel so that the engine utilizes the clean fuel. When the engine uses clean fuel, no resins and other particles will deposit inside the engine which prolongs the life of the engine and boosts fuel economy. Similarly, the Fuel System Cleaner also reduces the wear and tear of other components of the engine hence extending their lives.

Octane Booster

Octane booster enhances the starting behavior of the vehicle by improving its octane number. The octane number is the measure of how heat-resistant the fuel is. The higher the octane number the more heat resistant the fuel is. Octane booster increases the octane number of the fuel by 4 to 9 points and cools down the engine while starting hence improving the starting behavior. Octane booster also contributes to increasing the engine’s life and raising fuel economy by cleaning the fuel and reducing the deposits of residues in the engine after which there would be even utilization of the fuel respectively. This reduces mechanical damage to the engine. This additive is suggested for inferior quality fuels.


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